Empowering poor rural women/ youth/ farmers/ fisherman/ artisans/ disabled persons to become economically self-sustainable and independent decision makers in the family as well as in the society.

Organizing the above said into small SHGs and train them in the micro credit system in order to become self sustainable..

Through :

  • Organizing: Self help groups, women group, youth groups, men groups, disabled persons groups, unskilled farmers? union, fisherman community and networking.
  •  Providing Education on: health and hygiene, water and sanitation, women?s rights, consumers? right, legal awareness, right to information act. Land rights, Child rights, human rights, Aids awareness and functional literacy.
  • Training on: Capacity building, Small Savings, Account keeping, Documentation, Eco-farming, Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene, Child Development, Animal husbandry, Income generation programmes, Information and Communication and Shor t-term Computer courses
  • Programmes on: Public Health Promotion, Water and Sanitation, Eco-San toilet construction, child care. Micro Finance, Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry , Livelihood Promotion, Permanent House construction, Environmental Programmes and Income Generating Programmes.