Our Vision

Greater social transformation through creating self reliant villages and greater inclusion of vulnerable communities.

Our Story

Founded in 1989, Bless has worked for the social and economic development of marginalized communities. Bless is a family run non-government organization run by staff from the community, with help from local and international volunteers. Bless has continued to expand each year, helping many communities in and around the Cuddalore district. Our programmes focus on community development, children’s care, water/sanitation, women’s empowerment, health, microcredit, education, and disaster recovery.

Our Team

Target people

  • Scheduled Cast
  • Scheduled Tribes
  • Women and Children
  • Fisher Folk
  • Small and Marginal Farmers

Our Objectives

  • To develop solidarity among the rural community
  • To promote women, youth and unskilled farm workers organizations
  • To promote cooperation, economies and small savings
  • To favour direct contact with Government and public sector agencies
  • To promote hygiene, sanitation and safe environment in the villages
  • To provide opportunity for awareness, education and training for self-reliance
  • To promote self-employment through vocational training

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