What we do : 

    • Empowering poor rural women/ youth/ farmers/ fisherman/ artisans/ disabled persons to become economically self-sustainable and independent decision makers in the family as well as in the society.
    • Organizing the above said into community-based organizations/small Self-help Groups and train them in the micro credit system in order to become self-sustainable.


Through :

  • Organizing: Self help groups, women group, youth groups, men groups, disabled persons groups, unskilled farmers? union, fisherman community and networking.
  •  Providing Education on: health and hygiene, water and sanitation, women?s rights, consumers? right, legal awareness, right to information act. Land rights, Child rights, human rights, Aids awareness and functional literacy.
  • Training on: Capacity building, Small Savings, Account keeping, Documentation, Eco-farming, Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene, Child Development, Animal husbandry, Income generation programmes, Information and Communication and Shor t-term Computer courses
  • Programmes on: Public Health Promotion, Water and Sanitation, Eco-San toilet construction, child care. Micro Finance, Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry , Livelihood Promotion, Permanent House construction, Environmental Programmes and Income Generating Programmes.

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