Leveraging & Resources

Under this program, linkage with the government was established for drinking water, training was given on mangrove mud crab aquaculture, networking, and village health nurse visited the families regularly. Staff capacity-building programs were organized in report writing, documentation, and communicative English.

Covid-19 Relief Support

UWLs Foundation has supported FFVDP villages- Irular tribal colony, Velapadi, Shanmuga Nagar, Melakarai, Palakarai, Kolping Nagar, and Pottakaraimedu from June 2021 to August 2021 by providing gift bags containing dates, badam, egg, chickpeas, green gram, garlic, roasted Bengal gram, oil, pepper, cumin, cloves, biscuits, mocha peanuts, rava, sugar, and toot dal and also oximeter, thermometer, and sanitizers to 1162 people. Special items such as Mothers Horlicks and health mix were also provided to the anti-natal care and post- natal care women.

Flood Relief Support

North-East heavy downpours had triggered severe flooding in several districts throughout Tamil Nadu, particularly in our FFVDP villages in Cuddalore District. This was the heaviest rainfall in Tamil Nadu since 2015. UWLs Foundation has supported seven FFVDP villages by providing dry ration kits, tarpaulin sheets, and groundsheets to 330 families.