Under the leadership program, we had completed monthly meetings of the village development committee (VDC), cluster-level meetings, orientation to petition writing for grama sabha and to submit applications for government schemes, resolving family issues, classes on values & ethics, formation of groups for adolescent girls, formation of the youth group and formation of children club. Enable the families to obtain the entitlements.

The project focuses on a unique feature of promoting Family Development Groups (FDG) These groups have both husbands and wives and sometimes, elderly children above 18, but not exceeding 20 members. In 2021 and 2022, six VDC leaders had joint meetings at cluster-level. This has increased their confidence and strengthened them in the new perspective of FFVDP. The get-together of all VDC provides space for sharing different learning, challenges, experiences, bottlenecks, etc.

Village Development Committee exposure visit