BLESS - An Empowering Organisation


Bless Children Home currently accommodates 75 children from 7 to 18 years old. Most of them have a difficult family background, being orphans and semi orphans. Almost every one of them come from Dalits and tribal communities. Bless provides food, shelter, medical care and enrolled them in the nearest schools. The environment that Bless gives them to evolve into is likely to enhance skills and knowledge. The program is designed to develop personalities and make the children attuned to market realities and build a better citizenry.


Since 1996, BLESS implements water sanitation projects in Cuddalore District. It has supported other NGOs to undertake WATSAN programmes in their operational areas. BLESS offers technical support and conducts impact studies. The currently running project for this field is building 300 individual household latrines for Dalits and tribal communities in order to contribute to the eradication of open defecation. Bless is also implementing other projects


BLESS strongly believes the community is the subject for its own development. Building house can be done by anyone. But building a community is a process. We experienced in practical in many villages where people becomes the manager to manage their village and the environment.


During the tsunami disaster many NGOs, INGOs and Government departments worked for the fish vendors as a temporary relief activity in organizing meetings, distributing relief materials, conducting awareness camps etc. These fish vendors were unable to adopt the government tsunami relief schemes as they were not registered in Fisheries Department.


  • BLESS is a Non-profitable, Non-Religious and Non-Government Voluntary Organization

  • BLESS works for the social, economic and cultural upliftment of the marginalized village community

  • BLESS was founded in 1989 in Cuddalore by Mr. L.S. Anthony Samy, who has built his experience in Village Development Programmes for 7 years in VRO under Fr. Windey S.J., a Belgium missionary and a pioneer in social work.

  • BLESS registered under Tamil Nadu societies act 1975 and entitled to receive Foreign Contribution.

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Empowering poor rural women/ youth/ farmers/ fisherman/ artisans/ disabled persons to become economically self-sustainable and independent decision makers in the family as well as in the society.

Organizing the above said into small SHGs and train them in the micro credit system in order to become self-sustainable.

Through :

  • Organizing: Self help groups, women group, youth groups, men groups, disabled persons groups, unskilled farmers? union, fisherman community and networking.

  • Providing Education on: health and hygiene, water and sanitation, women?s rights, consumers? right, legal awareness, right to information act. Land rights, Child rights, human rights, Aids awareness and functional literacy.

  • Programmes on: Public Health Promotion, Water and Sanitation, Eco-San toilet construction, child care. Micro Finance, Sustainable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry , Livelihood Promotion, Permanent House construction, Environmental Programmes and Income Generating Programmes.

  • Training on: Capacity building, Small Savings, Account keeping, Documentation, Eco-farming, Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene, Child Development, Animal husbandry, Income generation programmes, Information and Communication and Short term Computer courses.

Inspiration :

  • Gandhian non-violence

  • Mother Theresa's struggle against poverty

  • Father Windey's spirit on village reconstruction